What is a Lift Pump?

Most gadgets that need fuel to operate need a way to get the fuel to the engine in order to be powered up. That is where lift pumps come in. They are devices that aid in the transfer of fuel from low pressure points to higher pressure pumps. While they were essential in such a purpose before, nowadays they have become less necessary because most engines no longer need a lift pump ump since they have been designed to use gravity to ferry the oil from the tank to the injection valves.

What is the purpose of a lift pump?

The main purpose of a lift pump is to get the oil from the storage area which is the tank to the functional area which is the injection pump. In most cases, devices that depend on an engine to function may fail to work well due to lack of enough power. This doesn't apply to vehicles only but also to factories and other setups using am an engine. When the lack of power is due to insufficient oil distribution, a lift pump can be used as a solution.

Types of Lift Pumps

Most of the time lift pumps are classified under mechanical and electrical pumps. These are usually the major distinction between them with the former having fixed pressure and the latter having a flexible one. They are also distinguished using the type of volume they have with electrical pumps having adjustable volumes. As such electrical lift pumps are usually easier to use as they allow better regulation of pressures.

Lift Pumps can also be differentiated depending on the type of fuel they use and their make. Other types common in the market include jet pumps, insert pumps, power fluid pumps, free and fixed casing pumps as well as fixed insert and free parallel lift pumps.

How does a lift pump work?

When the plunger of the pump is lifted upwards, the lower valve opens while the upper one remains closed. This valve is usually placed on the plunger resulting in low air pressure in the fuel tank. The atmospheric pressure will, therefore, increase on the fluid level leading to the rising of the fluid which eventually fills the barrel below the valve.

When the plunger is moved downwards, the lower valve will open but the upper one will close. Fuel will then move to the barrel above the valve. This process will be repeated each time allowing the engine to get enough fuel supply.

Do Duramax have a lift pump?

Duramax doesn't seem to have a lift pump but instead use injection pumps to get fuel to the engine for specific pick up trucks. However, this method of sucking fuel from the tank to the engine causes damage to the injection pump.

As such, it's advisable to install a different lift pump. This is made possible to keep by the fact that Duramax is responsive to most of such pumps and installing them is very easy. For instance, you can install FP100 or Raptor that doesn't require you to reposition the tank during installation.

How to Install a Lift Pump on a Duramax

Which Lift Pump Should You Buy?

When considering a lift pump you have to consider several factors like what type of fuel the engine runs on and whether a lift pump is necessary. Every person can then choose a type that befits them most depending on what you want to achieve and the amount of money you're willing to spend. The brand also matters since lift pumps come from different companies. Compare the different types available and choose one depending on whether you want to run a factory or just need one for your vehicle.

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