Best Pacinos Pomade Review With Buying Guide

Pomades are one of the best hair styling products for men nowadays. A good pomade ensures the hairstyle you have created using it stays in place throughout the day. They are well-known for their lasting power regardless of the type of hair you own. However, choosing a right pomade is essential as a wrong type can make your hair crispy or too hard to use. Pacinos have various kinds of pomades, each one giving different results. They are easy to work with and make sure you get the look you are looking for. Here some of the best Pacinos pomades with their top features along with a buyer's guide.

best Pacinos pomades with top features

1. Pacinos Pomade - Firm Hold

  • The formula provides a firm hold but, at the same time, gives the flexibility to reshape or restyle hair.
  • The texture is neither shiny nor matte, giving the perfect finish in between.
  • It is applicable in all types of hairs and lets you create every kind of modern look.
  • The product consists of soft wax and oil to give a natural look to the hair while creating the user's desired looks.
  • It is a water-based pomade to free you from the hassle of washing off the product with harmful and harsh chemicals.

2. Pacinos Matte, 4 Ounces

  • It has a medium hold to restyle your hair anywhere while at the same time keeping hair intact throughout the entire day.
  • The formula makes hair look more voluminous and adds fullness temporarily.
  • It is suitable for every hair kind and can create every type of hairstyle.
  • It gives a natural look and adds more texture to your hair.
  • The pomade gives a no-shine look making it look more defined and structured.
  • It comes in a 4 ounces pack.

Buying guide of the Pacinos Pomade

Choosing the right pomade is crucial when it comes to buying one. There are multiple types of pomades available in the market currently, but not all are the best suit for you. The perfect pomade depends on the type of hair and the result you are looking for.


Determine between oil-based or water-based pomade

Even though the oil - based pomade is the original one, the water-based one is more popular. But the decision entirely depends on your desired look.

Oil-based pomade - These types of pomades have stronger hold and are more affordable than water-based products. It is ideal for someone looking out for a greasier and shinier look. But it also comes with a disadvantage. These pomades are water-insoluble making it challenging to wash it off your hair easily with just water. In fact, a regular shampoo doesn’t help either. You will need a hardcore degreasing shampoo for this process. Moreover, some brands also recommend using dishwater soap. The result can strip all your natural oils from your hair that can damage your hair for the long-run.

Water-based pomade - These pomades are more useful in terms of application as well as pricing. Besides the fact that these pomades can give the same look as any oil-based pomade can, they are also easy to wash off. All you need is a regular shampoo to wash off the product completely. Moreover, a few good water-based pomades also don't leave any residue after washing your hair. However, they can’t beat the holding power of an oil-based pomade. But, they do keep your hair in place all day and also provide flexibility for restyling.


Determine between a matte pomade, sheen pomade or a mix of two

This feature determines how shiny your hair will look after the application.

Matte pomade - If your hair gets quickly greasy after applying a pomade, then this is the type you should opt for. It tends to add less shine.

Sheen pomade - This type of pomade is the best for someone with dry hair as they add much more shine than any other products.

You can even mix a matte pomade with a sheen pomade to create your ideal look.


Choose what strength of hold you need

The pomades are available in different strengths that determine the level of hold the product gives. By checking this, you will know whether it is a low, medium, or high hold product.

Generally, the light-hold pomades are softer, and the strong-hold ones are harder. For thicker hair, a medium or strong hold product is ideal.

Features description of the above 2 Pacinos Pomade


Pacinos Pomade - Firm Hold

Firm-hold - The Pacinos pomade provides a firm but flexible hold to help you restyle hair anywhere you want. Additionally, it doesn’t make your hair crunchy or crispy after applying it and weigh down your hair. The hold also lasts long enough to last the entire day. It is ideal for men, women as well as kids.

Semi-shine - This feature makes it perfect for people with greasy hair. They give an almost matte look to counteract the greasiness of your hair. It also adds dapper definition and texture to your hair.

Great for all hair-types - It doesn’t matter whether you have straight, wavy, curly, or coarser hair as the pomade is effective for all types of hair. You can create a lot of today’s modern looks, including a comb-over or a pompadour.

Natural finish - The formula of the pomade contains soft wax and oil that enhances the natural-looking finish of your hairstyle.

Easy to wash - The water-soluble consistency makes sure you don’t have to struggle with washing off the product from your hair. Moreover, it doesn’t leave any sticky residue after washing your hair. Also, it is applicable to use in both damp and dry hair.


Pacinos Matte, 4 Ounces

Medium-hold - This hold gives the flexibility to reshape and restyle hair whenever you want. It provides a defined and long-lasting look to your hair. This matte paste fits every hair length, style. No matter whether you have curly, straight or wavy hair, it provides hold to all of them.

Faux volume - The formula of this pomade gives an illusion of high volume by adding fullness to your hair. Moreover, it gives your hair a refreshing look. Create any kind of look you desire, including ceasar, the mohawk as well as the messy look.

Natural finish - The product consistency gives a natural-looking finish to your hair. And it also doesn’t make it seem you have applied product to hair due to its lightweight feature. It is easy to use and does not feel sticky.

Matte look - The primary focus of this pomade is to give a matte look to your hair. This feature is perfect for people looking for a matte finish. It also helps those whose hair gets greasy quickly after applying a pomade. And this finish lasts throughout the day to give a defined look.

Water-soluble - The water-based formula ensures the product gets out of your hair with a quick wash. It also doesn’t leave any residue after shampooing your hair.

FAQ of Pacinos pomade

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Final thoughts

To conclude, Pacinos pomades are the best way to change your hair from ordinary to stylish in just a few steps. You only need a small amount to get the desired look. Go through the buying guide if you are wondering about the type of pomade that best suits your hair. While the Pacinos firm hold pomade gives a strong but flexible hold with a semi-matte finish, the Pacinos matte paste gives a complete matte finish and adds texture and volume to hair.

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