Murray’s Pomade Review

Murray's pomade is one of the world's leading hair pomades. It has received appreciation across the globe. Many stylists and users recommend this pomade over others. Till now, it is the most well-known pomade in the drug stores. It is best known for its versatility to create any type of hairstyle. It also gives you texture, lift as well as shine while keeping your hair in place all day. It is a heavy hold petroleum-based product, and it is more challenging to get it out of your hair than any other oil-based pomades. However, it looks better in the second and third days of use, which you won't get with other pomades.

Top 3 Best Murray’s Pomade Review

#1. Murray's Super Light Pomade

The softer and lighter version of the original Murray's pomade, it’s made with aloe vera, lanolin, and coconut oil as ingredients. It conditions your hair while providing a neat, clean look. It comes in a 3 oz. Orange can. The product has a yellowing tan color and looks greasy in texture due to its petroleum-based formula. It is also easy to work with and create a plethora of styles. Moreover, it has a citrusy smell.


  • Makes your hair shiny - The product leaves a nice shine to your hair after applying it.
  • Lightweight - Though the product looks greasy, it doesn't weigh down your hair, unlike other pomades. It feels light in your hair.
  • Easy to remove - Murray's pomade is best known for how stubborn the product gets when removing it. However, this version comes off quickly with just a good shampoo.
  • Nice build up - Your hair looks better the next day of use and also gives more control with the buildup.


  • Not suitable for hot weather - Due to its oil-based formula, the product starts to meltdown when spending too much time in the hot sun. It can make you uncomfortable as the grease melts down to your forehead.

#2. Murray's Hair Dressing Pomade, Superior 3 Ounces 

Murray's superior hair dressing pomade made in 1926 has been at the top of its game ever since. It gives your hair and gives the flexibility to create any hairstyles. Add in shine and texture to your hair the natural way. It looks more amazing the next day of use. You will see that your hair gets shinier as you start using it. This one comes in a pack of 4, and each comes in a 3 oz orange tin. It is an oil-based product and looks thick and waxy in texture. It is also affordable and is available in most stores.


  • Soft scent - The pomade has a vanilla-esque smell that isn't overpowering but not too soft either
  • Endurance - Due to its greasy consistency, the product keeps your hair in place all day. Also, it creates a nice buildup the next day with more control over your hair.
  • Shine - Your hair gets a nice shine after applying it and stays for a long time


  • Application - Sometimes, it can be challenging to apply it to your hair. Avoid using it to damp hair as it pulls your hair that can be uncomfortable. Also, use it carefully as it sticks to everything and later becomes impossible to remove.

#3. Murray's Superior Hair Dressing Pomade

One of the classic hair pomades, it adds in shape, control, and definition to your hair. Plus, you can create any hairstyle in any hair type. It comes in an orange tin and is a pack of 2. You only need a pea amount to use it and can serve you a lifetime if you use inconsistently. Moreover, you won't need to use it for the next two days after applying it the first day. Designed to stay in your hair all day, it also gives a superior hold.


  • Affordable - It is the cheapest pomade available in the market and is easily available.
  • Restyle ability - With this product, you can easily restyle or redo your hair however way you want.
  • Ideal for swimming - As the product is oil-based, it stays in your hair when you are underwater. Use your fingers to make it the way it was after coming out.


  • Difficult to scoop out - In the colder season, the product becomes too stiff to scoop out. You have to use a hairdryer in the product to make it to its original consistency.

How to choose the right pomade?


Understand your hair type

Before choosing the product, you need to be aware of your hair type and texture. Every person has a different hair type, and what works for one might not work for another. For example, if you have thinner fine strands, opt for a pomade that has lightweight formulation. Most water-based pomades are lightweight. However, if you have thick, coarse hair, choose a heavy formulated pomade like an oil-based one.


Know what type of result you want

There are different types of pomades available now, and each one serves a different purpose. If you want stronghold and a shinier look, then an oil-based pomade is the one for you. And if you want a polished look and want to tame the flyaways, go for a water-based one. Also, know if you want a matte finish or a sheen finish. A clay pomade will give you the grungy messy hairstyle with a matte finish. Check the backside of the pomade to know the strength of the hold it gives.


Know the application method

Before buying the product, know its application method. There are pomades that you need to use in damp hair, but with others, you need to have dry hair. Using the wrong method can damage your hair in the long run. Hence, read the label carefully; it might save you a lot of money as well.

You have to know about How To Use Murray’s Pomade.

Pomade FAQ

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4. Is pomade good for hair?


To sum up, Murray's pomade is the cheapest pomade available in the market right now. Although it is difficult to get it out of your hair, it makes your hair stay in place all day. Use dishwashing soap to remove the product but avoid using it daily. It is ideal for everyone and any hair type.

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