Best Jacuzzi Pool Pump Reviews

Can you deny the advantages of having a jacuzzi pool at home? I know, you can’t! In fact, no one can! But to operate a jacuzzi pool, you need the ‘right’ pool pump. It is like the ‘heart’ of the pool. Just like the way the heart circulates blood throughout the body, the exact same way, the jacuzzi pool circulates water throughout the pool to keep it clean and clear. 

With so many different jacuzzi frame sizes and pool pump sizes, finding the ‘right’ pool pump often becomes overwhelming and a tedious job. People often get confused and end up buying the wrong pump for their jacuzzi.

But I don’t want you to go through such experience, therefore I’ve prepared a guide.

In this guide, I’ve put together all the crucial pointers that you must wrap your heads around before buying the ‘perfect’ pool pump for your jacuzzi. That’s not all. I’ve also mentioned the top 5 jacuzzi pool pumps (in my opinion) and you can choose among them or grasp some idea from them, at least.

top 5 Jacuzzi Pool Pump reviews

Best choice


1. Jacuzzi Whirlpool 18-850-2100 Bath Pump, 0.75HP, 110V, 7.0A, Nema Cord, HB21000

SpaGuts Jacuzzi Whirlpool bath pump gives you a beautiful fit designed with a built-in air switcher and a 3ft Neman Cord. It features a J-Pump style with 0.75 horsepower (HP) and 110 volts.

This is a centre discharge jacuzzi pool pump with deep suction and a 4ft air tubbing that connects to the air switch on the jacuzzi pool pump- giving you the ease of turning it on and off.

Best choice


2. Jacuzzi DA31000; Motor and pump 4.8a 115 va c 60hz with floor bracket

Personally, I always love to maintain a clean and healthy jacuzzi pool, and this particular model gives exactly what I love. This pump fits the jacuzzi well and gives a safe pool to relax and enjoy.

It consumes maximum power up to 115 voltage and 4.8 amps and is constructed to function under any condition. Overall, it provides fantabulous cleaning functions added with its durability.

Best choice


3. Hayward W3SP2605X7 Super Pump Pool Pump

This particular model is infamous for its reliability and performance. It is designed with an enclosed fan-cooled high-performance motor- built to maintain a quieter and cooler airflow.

It uses a maximum voltage up to 115V/230V and has a 110-cubic-inch leaf holding basket with a see-through strainer cover. It doesn’t require much maintenance. It easily adapts to 48- and 56-frame motors.

Best choice


4. Pentair 011028 IntelliFlo VS Pool Pump

Rightly referred to as the ‘next generation’ jacuzzi pool pump, this one is all about advanced programming and reliability and intuitive design -giving the competitors a run for their money.

The best part of all, it comes with 8 programmable speed settings--ensuring optimum speed and run times- for each jacuzzi type-saving money and energy cost. The ultra-efficient advanced permanent magnet motor is built with a totally enclosed fan-cooled (TEFC) design-giving you efficient performance and long life.

Best choice


5. Hayward W3SP3206VSP TriStar VS Variable-Speed Pool Pump, 1.85 HP

Another entry from Hayward, you should already expect top quality. Their TriStar VS offers a reliable pool pump that will stay with you for a long time. It offers variable speeds that can outperform most of the high performance products.

It comes with TEFC technology (totally enclosed fan-cooled) on its magnet motor. Its efficiency is top-quality, while offering premium reliability for all users.

Factors to consider while buying a jacuzzi pool pump reviews

I know how confusing and challenging it could be to buy the perfect jacuzzi pool pump-fitting the needs and the budget.

There are a lot of factors to be considered before settling on the most efficient one. It’s always better to do your homework before you go shopping and I’ll help you with the features that you should have an eye on.


Firstly, you need to start with the speed of the pump. Since the invention of jacuzzi pool pumps, they have come a long way and the speed is majorly divided into 3 types.


Single Speed Pool Pumps

This is the most common type of pool pump and is designed with only one-speed setting-meaning the impeller spins the motor at only one speed.

Not surprisingly, you cannot increase or decrease the speed of the pump but people still buy it for the ease of use.

Though these are reliable, it's not the best choice when you want to save on the power, maintenance cost and electricity usage of your house.


Dual Speed Pool Pumps

As the name implies, these jacuzzi pool pumps are designed with two speeds: high and low. This gives you the option to operate your pump either at a higher or a lower speed.

The higher speed tots up to the speed of a single-speed pump and the lower speed add more flexibility and versatility.

These pumps are designed with a power-saving mode which implies- it uses less energy, and the water gets better filtration.

However, it can be a bit costly but it’s worth the investment.


Variable Speed Pool Pumps

These are considered the ‘beasts’ of the jacuzzi pool pumps, and rightfully so. These jacuzzi pool pumps are designed with a permanent magnetic motor (PMM), which is similar to that of the cars.

It means it doesn’t need any electricity to rotate the rotor and can be digitally regulated at any speed to low, medium and high - depending on your swimming pool and your needs.

Though it is a bit expensive, it ensures higher efficiency, less fiction, longer-lasting compared to other pool pumps using an induction motor.

Tip: The actual speed of the jacuzzi pool pump is not that much of the essence but the number of speed the device is designed with.

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