How To Use Transfer Tape With Vinyl

How To Use Transfer Tape

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The invention of transfer tapes with vinyl is not only fun but also a game-changer in the craft industry. Most crafters find it challenging to craft without it. However, using transfer tape with vinyl can sometimes be confusing, especially when using it for the first time. Besides, experts discourage the use of transfer tapes on printable surfaces since they get damaged faster. Therefore, if you happen to be looking for how to make your vinyl stickers or any other fun vinyl craft projects, then you are in the right place. We have prepared for you a step to step guide on how to use a transfer tape with vinyl like a pro.

What is a transfer tape

In the craft world, transfer tape refers to a sticky carrier sheet that is used to place and position adhesive vinyl decals carefully. It helps crafters to transfer their designs or decals to the intended surface much more comfortable.

Caution before using transfer tape

Before using transfer tape with vinyl on a polycarbonate surface, it is essential first to clean it. Polycarbonate surfaces are those made with tough plastics. The correct procedure for cleaning such surfaces is to use warm water alongside a nonabrasive detergent. Failure to do this, your vinyl will won’t stick effectively

Also, you should always be cautious when handling your project. Try to be slow, patient, and careful enough to maximize the result.

Instruction Steps on How To Use Transfer Tape

Using transfer tape with vinyl is usually an easy process. The following steps are, therefore recommended:

Step 1: First, you need to cut the piece of the file to be transferred using a Cricut explore or silhouette cameo. Then, use a weeding tool to remove any extra vinyl.

Step 2: Once your vinyl is ready, cut a piece of transfer tape big enough to cover your entire vinyl design. Then, peel off the back of the paper and place its sticky side down on top of your vinyl. For those having a larger project, you can start peeling off a corner while moving to the rest of the paper slowly.

Step 3: Use a scraper tool in rubbing the transferred vinyl back and forth to make your transfer tape stick well to the vinyl.

Step 4: Once this is done, you can turn the design over to make the vinyl backing face upwards. Then peel off the transfer tape gently. The vinyl should be able to stick to your project. If you notice the design not sticking to the transfer tape, you will need to use a scraper tool to rub it harder to make it adhere. 


Using transfer paper with vinyl is not only fun but also comfortable. Besides, it is one of the best inventions within the craft industry. Most crafters depend on this technique to produce fantastic vinyl sticker designs. Sometimes it may look confusing to transfer vinyl using transfer tape, especially for first-timers. However, if you follow the steps as mentioned above and tips, you will definitely be in a position to transfer vinyl designs on your own like a pro.

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