How To Use Murray’s Pomade

Pomade is a waxy substance that helps to style your hair as you need. However, Murray's pomade has the best reputation in this field. It is a classic product founded in 1926. Whether you want a slick side part or spiked hair, with Murray's pomade, you can achieve every look and be sure they will last the whole day. This thick, oil-based product lets you have a strong and firm hold. It is better than any water-based formulated pomade.

How to apply Murray's pomade?

  • Blow-dry or air-dry your hair first
  • Scoop out the product from the can and start rubbing it between your palms to make it warm. It helps to spread the product quickly throughout your hair.
  • Make sure you only take a small size first and then start to build up if you need more.
  • Always start by applying it from the back to the front instead of front and then the sides.

Tips to consider when applying the product

  • If the product becomes too hard to scoop out, use a hairdryer to warm up the can.
  • Avoid applying to damp hair; otherwise, the product will pull your hair and will feel like you are ripping your hair out from the scalp.
  • It is difficult to wash the product out of your hand. Use a hand cleaner like Mostenbocker's lift off to solve the problem. It is an ideal pomade product to clean oil-based paint from your hand or brushes.
  • You can either use your fingers or comb depending on the hairstyle you are opting for
  • Use an old towel to dry your hair after shampooing. It will prevent from damaging your pillowcase with the product when sleeping.

How to remove Murray's pomade from hair?

It becomes challenging to wash the product out of your hair. Although it applies to any oil-based pomade. But Murray's was specially formulated to stay in the hair. There are a couple of ways you can try to remove the product use dish soap.

It will help to break down the grease. But before, apply olive oil to your dry hair and massage gently. This technique makes it easier to rinse out the product. Take a few drops of water and dish soap in your hand and create a lather. Then use it on your hair. In the end, rinse out with hot water.

However, it is not healthy to put dish soap daily on your hair. The harsh chemicals will damage the hair. For daily pomade users, apply it after every four days and shampoo your hair in between to prevent build up. Also, you don't need to wash off the product daily if you are only going to apply it the next day. In fact, the build of the product on the second day makes your hair look better than the first.

Another method of washing out the greases is before shampooing your hair, put in some conditioner, and let it soak for 5-10 minutes. It is because the oils present in the conditioner breaks down the pomade oils. After that, shampoo your hair a couple of times.


This excellent product is suitable to use for every hair type. However, avoid using it daily. Too much build in your hair can lead to hair loss. Therefore, apply the product as less as possible and use it on your hair and not scalp. Stick to only using it during special occasions. Also, using it on hot weather will melt down the product as it is an oil-based product. On the upside, the product stays in your hair when you are in the water. It also leaves a noticeable shine on your hair.

Another interesting fact is one can will last a long way considering you only need a blob-sized amount. Moreover, it is the cheapest Murray's pomade on the market now.

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