How to Use Eyelid Tape and Where to Buy It

eyelid tape

Every modern woman desires to be as attractive as she can ever be. And that's why, everyday, beauty companies spend tons on time and money creating products that appeal and cater to the never ending needs of the feminine gender.

Eyelid tapes are popular items in the beauty world that make your eyes seem wider or bigger by defining folds or creases in the eyelids.

These tapes are widely used by Asian women to enhance their eyes. But they can also be used by any woman with mono-lids, uneven eyelids or one with double eyelids but wants to improve their eyes.

Caution When Using Eyelid Tapes

  • Handle your eyelids gently when using prongs. A little bruising on the eye can cause eye inflammation.
  • If you experience any itchiness or irritation after applying the strips, remove immediately and wash your face. Some components in the product could be reacting to your skin.
  • When using adhesive, wait for some time for the strip to semidry before using it.
  • Never pull the strip from your skin when removing. Always use some water or makeup remover to soften the strip till it falls off. Pulling it could have serious effects on your eyes.
  • Ensure you remove the tapes at the end of the day. Wearing the same tapes for more than one day causes irritation to your eyes and it's unhygienic.

Steps - How To Use Eyelid Tapes


Ensure your face is clean

Before applying the strips, it's important to have a clean face. Getting rid of any make up ensures that the tape sticks to your eyelids throughout the day. After you've washed your face, pat dry and wait for a few minutes before applying the tape.


Trim the strips

Depending on the brand you buy, you'll find that the strips are your exact size or they're longer than you need. The ideal strip size should be a little shorter than the length of your eyelids. Make sure that whatever the size, when your eyes are open the strip isn't easily noticeable.


Locate where to place your creases

A good eyelid tapes kit comes with a prong or fork to use when placing the strips. Use the prong to identify where you want to place the folds. Eyelid prongs are the best way to install the strips, but always use them warily.


Apply the tape to the creases you've created

Close your eyes and using the prongs gently, place the strip on the fold you've located. Thereafter, open your eyes and hold for a second. If it doesn't hold, remove and apply adhesive. Always wait for some time for it to semidry before putting it again.

Why Is It Necessary To Use Eyelid Tapes

Most people who use eyelid tapes prefer them for beauty and cosmetic purposes over drastic and expensive procedures like eyelid surgery.

The eyelid tapes can also be used by those with droopy or sagging eyes to increase their vision. This improves their general appearance and boosts their self confidence.

Another reason why people (especially Asians) prefer eyelid tapes is because in extreme cases, their single eyelids affect their daily activities.

Some have difficulty in vision. Others simply want to subscribe to societal ideals that double eyelids are the standards of eye beauty. Having single eyelid also limits their range of make up products to use.

Where To Buy Eyelid Tapes

One of the most popular eyelid tapes is MagicStripes Eyelid Lifting Strips; and it's with good reason. MagicStripes has adhesive on one side of the strip with makes it easier to wear when compared to the double adhesive tapes. With a single adhesive strip, you're able to blink easily. It's also beginner friendly since all the guidelines are outlined in the kit. And, it comes in various sizes for you to easily determine which work best with you. he kit comes with 32 small, 32 medium and 32 large strips.

While they are transparent, these strips are not entirely invisible. It's possible to blend the color by using eye-shadow but even on it's own, it's only apparent when someone is too close to you. Besides, applying eye-shadow only brings the attention to your eyelids which will make people notice your eyelid tapes. The MagicStripes kits are available in online stores and some select local beauty retailers.

As an alternative, Anti Aging Eyelid Tapes could be a great choice for older women with sagging eyes.They are hypoallergenic which enables the tapes to have reduced chances of irritation to the eyes.These tapes are also latex free and made from medical grade components. These strips are ideal for senior women who desire an instant lift to youthful and vibrant eyelids. Another thing, their transparency and thinness ensures they are lightweight and won't weigh down your eyes. A kit of 100 tapes goes for about $30. And they're easily available online


Irrespective of your age, skin tone or eyelid type, eyelid tapes can be a great option to make your eyes bigger or rounder without the expensive costs of surgery. Always handle your eyes gently and be very cautious when hovering tweezers and tongs around your eyes.

Severe bruising on the eyelids can cause eye inflammation issues. And just like every other beauty advice, constant rubbing will cause premature aging. As a tip, go for the top eyelid tapes which are not super sticky that it's hard to remove, yet not so light that it falls off in an hour.

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