How To Use Double Sided Tape

This is a tape made by coating both sides of the tape using a sticking substance or an adhesive substance that tends to pressure sensitive. This tape can be either thin or thick depending on the material used to make it and the purpose indented to be used in.

For the purposes of bonding rough or textured surfaces, double sided tape with thick bonding layer is commonly used because the sticking substance is smeared on a strong material that enhances a strong bond in between the surfaces to be joined.

Steps On How To Use Double Sided Tape

Using double sided is an easy task that does not demand much time and a lot of thinking. Below are steps to follow in how to use this tape in bonding and mounting surfaces.

  • The first step is determine on how you want the quality tape to be on the on the object. You can opt to fix the tape straight, curve and even wavy depending on the surfaces to be bonded.
  • The next step is to draw in-order to determine the shape of the tape. This is not that necessary but it is done when needed.
  • The third step is cleaning the surface of the object. Ensure the surface is clean and somehow textured, it boost the binding strength of the object to be fixed or bonded.
  • After cleaning, remove both the back and front protective layer of the tape by peeling off.
  • Find a clean tray or a clean paper like a newspaper that will help to minimize waste as you sprinkle the glitter on the surface of the object.
  • Gently, press the two bonding surfaces to enhance strong bonding and remove any excess glitter if there is any.

Areas Where Double Sided Tape Is Used

Double sided tape is widely used in different areas even in construction sites and also at homes. Below are the application of this tape.

  • Used in wrapping house water pipes

Unlike single sided tape which does not firmly fix well water pipes, double sided tape are well known to strong fix and wrap well house water pipes. Single sided tapes may allow water to ooze out of the pipes because their glitter is not as good as compared to that of double sided tape.

  • Used in fixing insulator on the walls

In area experiencing high temperatures, people tend to install insulators on the wall that help in regulating heat. Double sided tapes are used to aid in the installation of these insulator. This tape hold the insulation plates on the wall because it is double coated and both of its sides is capable of bonding on two different surfaces.

  • Used in floor protection

You can still use this tape to protect you floor while the construction activities are still on going. The ability of the tape to bond surfaces using its two sides helping in mounting floor protective material on the floor which in turn control damage during construction.

  • They are used in fixing model for inspection

Doubled sided tapes can be used to temporarily hold sample of certain models during inspection before they are permanently fixed. They also help in determining how the purposed project will look like at the end.

Here Are More Areas too

Cautions Before Using Double Sided Tape

  • Double sided tapes are of different sizes therefore one should choose the suitable size.
  • Before fixing or starting the bonding process ensure the surface of the object is clean.
  • Another caution is that this tape is not suitable on hot surface because it will not be able to firmly stick well.

Conclusively, double sided tape is a suitable type of tape to be used in wide areas as compared to a single sided tape. This tape is good and perfect in bonding and mounting purposes because it sticks firmly.

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