How To Clean Condensate Pump

Could you be here looking for the best ways to clean a condensate pump? If that sounds yes, then you are in the right destination. There is no doubt that a condensate pump is a crucial part of your air conditioner. Without it, you could be having a lot of stagnant water in your system, which might cause further damages. However, with the condensate pump, you will not experience that.

What’s a Condensate Pump?

The condensate pump is made up of three major parts; the float, reservoir, and pump. All the parts work simultaneously to evacuate condensation. While the condensation rises inside the reservoir, it automatically lifts the float that activates the pump.

Thereafter the pump moves condensation via a drain line out of your house. Although the condensate pumps appear to be reliable and durable, they should be maintained regularly to avoid falling. Condensate pump which is not well maintained might cause overflow and damage your house. Therefore, cleaning a condensate pump is very crucial.

Tools for Cleaning Condensate Pump

If you are a DIY or professional plumber, then using the right tools is very important. You can use the bottlebrush with soft bristles or a similar tool. Carefully, remove all the clogs inside the condensate pump. On the other hand, some manufacturers recommend using condensate tablets, vinegar, and bleach. However, bleach used to be very handy until some professionals discouraged it. They believed that it was responsible for damages on the plastic pipes.

Caution Before Cleaning

You should turn off the power from the outlet. This is not only for the air conditioner but also other electric appliances. Additionally, examine that all areas around it are not leaking. In case you find the area has water or is wet, then you will have to identify the source before cleaning. for effective cleaning, you must disconnect PVC tubing from the reservoir. Never run the HAVC when the pump is connected. disconnecting is a major factor.

Steps on How To Clean Condensate Pump


Turn off the power: Before connecting to you start cleaning, make sure that you have disconnected from the power source. In case you find a leaking area, first identify the source.


Disconnect the PVC tube from the reservoir.


Make sure you remove the condensate and place it on a good working area Avoid running your air conditioner while condensation pipe is still disconnected


Rinse the entire reservoir should use clean water to remove all the algae, debris, and dirt. This should also apply to all other parts where the draining takes place.


Remove all the clog: Use a soft bottlebrush with bristles and clean al the clogs. Carefully clean the condensate using this tool. While cleaning, it is important to take care of the motor.


Reconnect all the drain lines: Reconnect all the drain line back to the pump. Moreover, make sure you properly reconnect to their right places. You can as well follow the manufacturer’s guide in case of any difficulties.


Restore the power to the pump.

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