How to clean concrete driveway

concrete driveway

It is a simple task to take a broom and sweep your driveway concrete to remove daily debris. However, when it comes to making it spackling clean, you have to go an extra mile to make it come out better. 

Well, you got different ways to go about this, depending on the equipment that is available for the work. The typical three methods are the use of chemical cleaners, regular detergents, or pressure washing. Let's go ahead to help you know how you are to use the three possible options:

Steps on How to clean concrete driveway


Using a pressure washer

This is the first and most straightforward method of cleaning your driveway. Once you have had your pressure washer in place, you need first to clear the driveway so that all the loose materials and items are not on site. For the driveways next to walls and doors, it is recommended that you cover the walls and the doors with something like cardboard. Ensure that you plan for the drainage of the cleaning water.

Once the site is clear, you can apply a degreaser on the site as you concentrate on the parts with evident stains. Allow the degreaser to settle on the site for a few hours. You can keep checking which sections need to be added more of the degreaser and do so. Go ahead and scrub the stains with a wire brush. After it is well-scrubbed, you can clear it using the pressure washer. You can use either a low or a high-pressure nozzle depending on the strength of the driveway.

The next thing to do is to apply a detergent which is relevant to the pressure washer that you are using. Always use the low-pressure nozzle to apply detergents. Allow the detergent to sit on the site for at least 15 minutes. The detergent should not dry on the driveway and so ensure you apply some water to keep it wet. Go ahead and rinse the driveway using the high-pressure nozzle with the washer set at rinse mode.


Cleaning using ordinary household products

There are several household products that you could use to have your driveway clean. For instance, you can use natural absorbents like cornmeal, baking soda, cat litter, cola, or \ny dishwasher detergents. Working with such products is very simple. 

You have to sprinkle and pour the powder ones and the liquid products respectively and allow them to sit for several hours. You can even let them sit overnight. Afterward, you can use a horse to clean away all the debris. The absorbents will absorb all the oils while the detergents will weaken the sitting of any dirt. You can repeat the washing severally to come up with the best results.


Using Chemicals

This would be the last option for the cleaning of the concrete driveway. It, however, requires you to be very keen and follow strictly the instructions that come with the cleaner chemicals. Some people would prefer to make their chemicals, but then if you are not sure about what you are to do, avoid that option and go for the already made chemicals. The good thing with these chemicals is that you do not have to use any water. Apply the chemicals concentrating on the stronger stains for some time. You might have to apply the chemicals for more than two days to altogether remove the stains before you can finally do your regular washing. If the driveway is full of pet urine stains, the chemical method will be the best for you.

If you have a discipline of keeping your concrete driveway clean, you will not spend much time to do the advanced cleaning, as explained above. The effectiveness of the cleanup depends on the frequency of the cleanup. You do not have to struggle. However, you should ensure that you choose a method that can work best for you, depending on the intensity of the stain. Expenditure is as well a factor to be considered before you decide on the approach to use. The good news is that regardless of the way you choose, you can always do it yourself. If you decide to hire someone to do it for you, ensure that you do a followup.


Follow the above instruction when cleaning the concrete driveway. We tried to give you the best guide line. Again you can get more information of pros and cons of a concrete driveway.

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Lyla Peterson - March 3, 2020

It’s good to know that you can clean a concrete driveway by letting baking soda sit overnight. I am thinking about having a new stamped concrete driveway installed at my house, but I have a few relatives with leaky cars. I will keep your advice in mind to keep my pavement clean after they have come to visit.

Eileen Benson - March 10, 2020

It was helpful when you mentioned that using a power washer is the most straightforward way for keeping a concrete driveway clean. My husband and I want to hire a local contractor to install an extra-wide driveway for the single-family home we purchased last month. Thanks for sharing these tips we can use to keep the concrete looking good after it’s installed!

Jarom Linton - March 11, 2020

It makes a lot of sense to avoid making your own chemicals at home to clean the driveway if you have no real experience doing that. My partner and I need to get a new driveway this year because our current one is falling apart. We don’t like the way it looks from the road so we need a professional to help us replace it.


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