Best Screen Cleaner For LED & LCD TV And Computer Monitor

Owning a TV or computer monitor is one of the basic needs that should be in a home. This is because it is one of the basic sources of entertainment that we need to have and use. but how do you clean your screens? Remember that they are fragile and any mishandling leads to their defect. But there is always a solution in anything that you have. We are bringing you the best tv screen cleaner that you can get in the market. It has been designed to take care of you, and your screens. Read on as I educate you on how to make the best choice.

top 5 Best Screen Cleaner For LED & LCD TV And Computer Monitor

1. Screen Cleaner Kit - Best for LED & LCD TV, Computer Monitor

This is a screen cleaner that has just turned up to be the favorite among many households that are out there. This item is favorite among many and has even changed the way schools, organizations, hospitals, libraries and many other organizations that own screen clean them. it has been made by a company that focuses only on electronic screen cleaning. It can clean all kinds of flat screens, starting from 4k, LCD, HDTVs, OLEDs, plasma among others.

2. Bryson Screen Cleaner Kit - Computer, TV, Laptop Spray

If there is one thing that is tedious to deal with is a screen of an electronic. If not well handled, you are prone to damaging it and replacing it is also one hell of an expense to your side. that is why we are here to bring you what can assist you. This is a spray that has been tested to work well on all types of screens that it comes across. It has the power and ability to remove any fingerprints that have stuck on the screen, grease smudges, any makeup and also the everyday type of cleaning.

3. Belkin Screen Cleaning Kit

Don't just clean screens but always ensure that the process of cleaning is finally safe. Screens like that of computers and laptops are always delicate and need proper handling. This is a cleaning kit that has been made specially to clean your displays without causing any jam at all. The alcohol-free cleaning solution also is gentle on the screens but hard on dirt or residue

4. WHOOSH! Screen Cleaner Kit – Best for LED, LCD & TVs Smartphones, iPads, Eyeglasses and e-Readers

When you are looking for something that is rated as the next generation in the field of technology, then you just get it right here. this is a superior, a powerful and also a non-toxic cleaner that you can find in the market. It has been made to assist you in cleaning, polishing and protecting your electronic screens from damage that is caused by dust.

5. Tech Armor 120 ML Pro Cleaning Kit Spray for TV, Computer Monitor, Laptop, iPad, Smart Phone and Camera Screens

When you are looking for something that is rated as the next generation in the field of technology, then you just get it right here. this is a superior, a powerful and also a non-toxic cleaner that you can find in the market. It has been made to assist you in cleaning, polishing and protecting your electronic screens from damage that is caused by dust.

top 8 Best Screen Cleaner Reviews

1. Screen Cleaner Kit - Best for LED & LCD TV, Computer Monitor

Highlighted Features And Benefits:

  • Comes With A Large Cleaning Towel. This is a kind of towel that has been made from microfiber, hence able to do its job pretty well. Cleaning your screens now becomes not only easy but also quick to clean your screens without straining.
  • Odorless. One of the best parts is that the item does not produce any bad smell at all as you use it. It is known to be a streak-free cleaner that makes sure your life is a priority and that of the screen. After wiping, your environment will just be as fresh as it was, without making you feel any discomfort at all.
  • Enough To Clean Many Screens. Not many people will agree with me that this item once started being used, especially the large one, it can produce up to 1,572 sprays. That makes it be able to clean many screens in your house. Depending on the size of the screen, this item will just need you to use just a few sprays and it will have done its work.
  • It Cleanly Does Its Work. When you are cleaning your screens, there is nothing that will remain behind, right from smudges, debris, fingerprints or even streaks that emanate from other cleaners. After the cleaning process, it leaves the screen crystal clear.


1. Can clean your screen up to around 80 times

2. Does not spoil any delicate screens that it comes across

3. Ensures that you get a perfect streak-free screen

4. It does its work in a gentle manner

5. The microfiber cloth does a good job.


1. Might spoil the antiglare ability of your screen

2. Bryson Screen Cleaner Kit - Computer, TV, Laptop Spray

Highlighted Features And Benefits:

  • Able To Clean All Types Of Screens. This is a great feature because it makes buying and using it easy and also straight to the point. No need to get worried about any spoilage that might occur at a later point because of no- compatibility.
  • Cleans Perfectly. Some of the cleaning sprays will not be able to remove all the streaks that are found on your screen. The major work of this spray is to ensure that your screen looks new, it won't leave anything on the screen unremoved.
  • Ensure You Get Gentle Cleans. It is always good that your screen gets to enjoy the vest service. Mishandling it will live it spoil at all times. The gentle cleaning style that offers it will never let it remain at all.


1. It is an alcohol-free cleaner

2. Ensures no fingerprints remaining behind

3. Cleans a wide variety of screens

4. Prevents dust from being attracted to the screen also


1. Does not have a good smell

3. Belkin Screen Cleaning Kit

Highlighted Features And Benefits:

  • Large Micro-Fiber Cloth. This is a kind of cloth that is large enough to ensure that your screen is perfectly cleaned. The cloth ensures that the screen is completely wiped out clean
  • Cleans Notebooks Pretty Well. Coming across a dirty notebook screen makes it look old and also worn out. Why it has been left like is because you have not made a bold step to removing the dirt. This item is what you have been looking for, it does its job without any problems.
  • Made To Handle Notebook Screens. This kind of screens are fragile and not every spray out there will be able to handle it pretty well. The one together with the unique microfiber ensures that the job is well done.


1. It breathes new life into your display

2. Cleaning regular with this cleaner adds years to your screen

3. It can be used on a wide variety of other screens other that of the TV

4. The cloth does not scratch the screen


1. Might not work well when dealing with MACBOOK screens

4. WHOOSH! Screen Cleaner Kit – Best for Smartphones, LED, LCD & TVs

Highlighted Features And Benefits:

  • It has no odor and is non-toxic. It has been made to be used in a wide array of places. You can use it at home, or even at work. It will just work well. The non-toxic ability ensures that you don't get to worry about it having poison at all as you touch it in cleaning your screens.
  • Can be used to clean all screens. That's one great benefit with this item. It has been made to ensure that you use it without any problem when you are using it on any screen that you can use it on.
  • Can clean your screens and make it 99.99%. when it has been used in your screen, you have to be sure that it will never be the same again like before. What will happen is that it will change down to a new one. It can clean dust, oil, and even gunk.
  • It can be used anywhere. This is a safe screen cleaner that can be used in all glasses and other electronic devices. Comes with the best kit that ensures the job is perfectly done well.


1. Designed to protect all your screens

2. Cleans without leaving any dirt behind

3. Does not contain any toxic substances and odorless

4. Safe to be used anywhere


1. Should be used carefully on laptop screens, can be damaged

5. Tech Armor 120 ML Pro Cleaning Kit with ExtraMove Formula

Highlighted Features And Benefits:

  • Removes germs, fingerprints and also bacteria. Electronics like mobile phones have been discovered that they carry up to 10 times more bacteria as compared to a toilet seat. Anytime that you will touch the screen, you allow it to access the germs and bacteria. That is why the cleaner here will take things up and play its role, to remove everything from the hidden places.
  • Comes with all that you need in just one set. you will get to enjoy the usage of two bottles of purifying Go formula, 20 pre-moistened cleansing wipes that have been packed and ready to travel.
  • Made with microfiber polishing cloths. These cloths come with a gentle to touch surface that is good for your screen. The textured cloth ensures that stubborn clothes are easily removed without any damage.


1. It's made with professional-grade

2. Comes with 2 bottles that are all portable

3. Ensures that the screen look well after every wipe

4. Great value for your money


1. The bottles are bit smaller

6. Economist Natural Organic Screen Cleaner with Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

An all-natural product is just here now. It does not any chemicals. It is a cleaner that has been made to ensure that cleaning is just done perfectly. Fitted with an eco-moist cleaner kit that also does that perfect finish to your electronic screens. If you want the best of service, just try this one out and you will get the best.

Highlighted Features And Benefits:

  • It is an environmentally friendly product. the spraying bottles that have been used in making this item are friendly and can be recycled back and reused many times when they are empty. Using it, therefore, you will have managed to save the environment.
  • Does not contain any alcohol. Has been made with natural ingredients, does not contain any liquid that is known to have alcohol. This will help it not to harm your expensive screens that have a unique coat.
  • Best to handle all your electronics. Unlike the others, this item has been made to handle all other types of screens in the safest manner possible. Right from phones, TVs screens to the DVD and CD players.


1. Works great on all type of glasses

2. It works great in a variety of glasses

3. Other than screens, it can be used to clean outer surfaces

4. Protects smudges form arriving on the screens


1. It is not easy to use

7. Screen Cleaning Kit for LED & LCD TV and Computer Laptop Monitor

Fingerprints, smudges, and dust always cause havoc to screens. But with this kind of cleaner, you are sure of getting things done in the right manner and way. when it is being used in cleaning, you will realize that it does not leave any residue or any streaks that will be disturbing them. that means that your displays will now give you more and more.

Highlighted Features And Benefits:

  • Best cleaning solution. This solution is now going to ensure that you get the best cleaning of your screens and optics without having to live any residue at all. Known to dissipate static and not using any harsh chemicals at all.
  • Best microfiber cleaning cloths. When you are doing your cleaning, it also has to be done by using one of the best and smooth cloths. The microfiber found in this cloth will leave no scratches at all.
  • Compatibility. You will realize that the screen here is one that is compatible with all other types of brands that have screens. You start from phones, tablets lenses, cameras, TVs and many others out there.


1. Does not leave any streaks on the screen

2. Comes with both small and large clothes

3. The cleaning solution works pretty well

4. Can clean both laptops and also TV screens


1. Users should use it consistently, otherwise, a cause of damage.

8. Screen Cleaner Kit for LED & LCD TV, Computer Monitor, Phone and Laptop

The natural aspect that hails in this item is one that will get you moving at all times. anything that is called a glass will get to have it moving and working well. It has been made to ensure that your screen is never the same again when they have been cleaned. What makes it unique is that it does not contain any toxic substances that are going to give you bad output.

Highlighted Features And Benefits:

  • It is simple and effective. It does not require you to strain so much when you are doing your cleaning. Just put the right kind of spray that you need on the microfiber cloth and wipe your screen gently.
  • After cleaning, it assists in repelling dust. After you have done your cleaning, the cleaner does an extra work of ensuring that dust can now be repelled away from coming to your screen. Your screen will be kept cleaner for longer periods before you do another cleaning.
  • Safety. You might be having something that cleans well, but how safe is it? Does it accelerate the wear and tear of the electronic? This is one that does not use any alcohol, ammonia a=or any abrasives. It will not cause any problem with your screen.


1. Does not have any harmful substances

2. When used, it conditions the surface for a better finish

3. Ideal for all types of screens

4. It is non-toxic


1. The pump does not deliver the right kind of spray that you want

What To Look For When Buying The Best Tv Screen Cleaner?

about cleaning your TV screen every few days, you will soon notice a film of dust gathering over your beloved screen which will prevent you from having a crystal-clear experience. In order to choose the best TV screen cleaner for your particular needs, you need to list the primary features you are looking for beforehand. You could test out multiple products on a trial basis but that will be tedious and slow. It will be much simpler for you to take your pick with the help of our buying guide.


It Should Be Safe In All Appliances:

Tv screens are unique and fragile. Any slight tampering with their make means that you are going to hamper how it works. That is why you need a cleaner that is safe on your appliances. You will find that the manufacturer has separately mentioned whether the product is safe for all appliances. You simply cannot risk using a fluid on your TV screen unless it is certified to be safe. It is especially important to be careful about this if your TV screen is not waterproof. Your screen will suffer irreparable damage if exposed to substances that are not safe for electrical appliances.


Non-Toxic Cleaners Are The Best:

There are many cheap cleaners on the market that you can opt for without hesitation. However, you should be mindful about the quality because many cheap cleaners tend to have toxic elements. Companies substitute the safer and more expensive ingredients with toxic ones to trick you into believing that you are getting a good deal. Toxic cleaners can not only damage your TV screen permanently but they might also make you sick because of prolonged exposure. Before you make your purchase, find out the toxic chemicals that are used in TV screen cleaners and then opt for a cleaner that doesn't have any of them. Non-toxic screen cleaners might not be the most affordable, but they are definitely a better option in the long run. This kind of cleaners are one of the best because they not only ensure that the screens are maintained, but your health is also guaranteed. Always ensure that you look at what constitutes the sprays before you buy it.


It's Good To Get A Universal Cleaner:

If you want to get value for your money, then why settle for a cleaner that is only suitable for your TV screen? Instead, you can look for a universal cleaner that you can use for other purposes as well. There is always more cleaning to be done around and the house and having an individual cleaner for every single appliance is not the most efficient. Buying a good universal screen cleaner will ensure that all your appliances with screens get the same amount of love. Read the label of the cleaner to find out whether it is suitable for other appliances with screens. Many advantages come with such a cleaner. You will use it to clean not only your TV but other electronics that you have that have screens.

Why Do We Need To Clean The Screen Cleaner?


Ease of use:

With most screen cleaners, you will be able to spray the formula directly on the screen and then wipe it off with a dry cloth. However, some cleaners need to be diluted before application which presents some extra work for you. While it doesn't seem like much, you should remember that you will be dealing with delicate, glass screens. The easier the cleaning process, the less chance there is of you accidentally causing damage. Most cleaning kits come with everything you could possibly need, so it is always better to opt for a kit.



Price is definitely a concern that you should not take lightly because TV screen cleaners are priced in a wide range. Once you set a budget, it will be easier for you to narrow down your options. When it comes to TV screen cleaners, it is best not to go for the cheapest ones because they tend to be loaded with toxic raw materials. You will find excellent, non-toxic screen cleaners at mid-range pricing. Another thing you should consider is whether you will be using the cleaner for multiple appliances. If you are planning to use the cleaner for all your appliances with screens, then you should opt for one that gives you good value for money in terms of quantity.



It goes without saying that screen cleaners should not leave additional stains on the screen. However, you will find that some screen cleaners have certain ingredients that leave white spots on the screen that only become apparent after a while. You can try scrubbing it off but that usually doesn't work. You should not scrub too hard as it is because screens tend to be sensitive. Test out whether the cleaner leaves spots before you apply it on the screen.



High-quality, toxic-free screen cleaners are essential so that your screens remain taken care of in the long run. You should prioritize quality because you might otherwise end up with damaged screens.



While TV screens and laptop/computer screens can often share similarities, their construction is not identical. While you might think that your TV screen cleaner should work perfectly well for your computer screen too, there is a chance that you will be disappointed. You have to be careful because you do not want to damage your laptop or computer in the process. If you want to use your cleaner for all types of screens, then you should do the research and opt for a universal cleaner that has been labeled so by the manufacturer. If you simply want to use your TV screen cleaner for your laptop/computer, get in touch with the company and find out whether they recommend it before you begin the cleaning process. Either way, you should be extra gentle when cleaning a computer screen.



The most important parameter to judge a cleaner is obviously its ability to clean. You do not want your screen to have a film of dust after you finish cleaning it. Make sure that the cleaner you opt for is able to remove the dust and any other accumulated debris from the screen. Test it out on a piece of glass before you apply it to your TV or computer screen. The best cleaners do not require you to apply additional pressure.



If you want the cleaner for your laptop screen, you should opt for a portable kit that you can travel with. You will need a cleaning kit when you are traveling even more than usual. If you are wondering how it can be possible to assess portability for a screen cleaner, the key lies in checking how easily packable the products are. If all the products in the cleaning kit are leak-proof and can be packed in a bag without any hassle, then it is a portable option.

Once you find the perfect combination of all these factors, you will find the perfect cleaner. Follow the instructions provided by the company as closely as possible in order to get the best results.

Why Do We Need To Clean The Screen Cleaner?

You might wonder why you need a dedicated screen cleaner when you could just use a homemade washing solution. The truth is that you stand the chance of ruining your screen for life unless you use a cleaning solution specifically manufactured for this purpose. With the advent of modern technologies, we now have screens that are built to provide you crisp, high-definition pictures. They are sensitive and you have to be careful about what you use to clean them. LCDs and LEDs must be cleaned with special solutions that can remove the dust and germs without damaging the mechanics in any way.

  • When you clean the TV or Computer screen, you will make it look better than when it has accumulated some dust
  • Cleaning electronic appliances also ensure that germs do not accumulate on them. this is because, from the frequent way of handling them, they might attract germs and even debris
  • It also makes them give you a better display. Dust, debris, and fingerprints distort pictures. That makes it hard for you to have a clear look at the pictures when they are displayed
  • Accumulation of dust and debris might also lead to screen damage. Cleaning it gives it a new life for handling.

When it comes to your screens, choose only the best. Do not settle.

Our best pick:

Of all the others, we have picked Screen Cleaner Kit - Best for LED & LCD TV, Computer Monitor as our best pick because of several reasons. It can clean pretty well a wide range of screens, therefore, it is no choosy. Comes without any toxic substances hence safe for the user and also the screen. This is just our pick, but you can also have the best form all that we have.

FAQs of the best screen cleaners

1. How often should I clean my screen?

There is no correct answer to this question. It will depend on how you protect your TV or your computer screen from dust. If you use a cover diligently, then you can get away with deep cleaning their screens once in two weeks. However, in most cases, we start out thinking that we will keep our screens clean but forget it in a few days due to hurry. Schedule a cleaning session per week, or two in extreme cases. If you feel that the screen requires some extra cleaning, then you should definitely opt for two cleaning sessions. However, you must remember to be gentle and not be too harsh when cleaning the screen.

2. Is alcohol a good cleaning ingredient?

While many cheap screen cleaners happen to have alcohol, it is definitely not a beneficial ingredient by any means. All your screens will thank you for not applying alcohol on them. The effect of alcohol on screens can vary- you might be able to get away with it in some cases or your screen might suffer damage in other cases. Do you want to take a risk? If your answer is a resounding no, then you are better off using cleaners with natural ingredients only.

3. What type of cleaner is best for me?

There are different types of screen cleaners available on the market and all of them have their own advantages. You can purchase complete cleaning kits which are what we have opted for because they offer you everything you could possibly need for a thorough cleaning. You will not have to purchase anything separately and this will save you both time and money. You can directly use the solution that comes in the kit and then rub it off with the cleaning wipe provided.

4. Do universal screen cleaners work?

Essentially all screen cleaners share the basic property of being able to remove dirt and dust from a glass screen. What makes TV screens and computer screens special is that they are extra sensitive because of their underlying mechanism. A universal cleaner that can be used to clean both TV screens and computer screens is very useful because you can get both jobs done at once. Most manufacturers will tell you that you can use screen cleaners for you cleaning regular glass as well. However, you should remember that screen cleaners tend to be more expensive than regular glass cleaners.

5. Should my cleaner have a scent?

This comes down to personal preference. However, the better and safer option is to go for odorless screen cleaners if you are sensitive to smells. Even if you aren't and you just simply do not want the smell of chemicals hanging in the air after you have finished cleaning, you should opt for a cleaner that does not leave a scent trail once you wipe it off. The air around you will remain fresh and you will have no trouble breathing. However, everything said and done, if you find a cleaner with a nice smell that you don't mind then you should go for it.

6. What type of cloth should I use with the cleaner?

Ideally, you will want to use microfiber cloths when you are cleaning your TV or computer screen. If you buy a cleaning kit, they usually come in the box. These cloths tend to be soft and delicate which is why they are perfect for wiping off the cleaning solution off the glass. You cannot use just any cloth to clean your screens because they are sensitive and you might end up damaging them in the process.

7. What does non-toxic mean? Why should I care?

You might wonder why we are asking you to opt for non-toxic cleaners for your electronic screens. The truth is that many low-quality screen cleaners tend to have harsh chemicals that can ruin the picture quality of your device. They are also capable of giving off toxic fumes which you have to inhale while you are cleaning the screen. You have to be very careful when using such a product. Gloves are essential for handling non-toxic cleaners. Wearing a mask will give you extra protection and you will be better off for it. On the other hand, non-toxic screen cleaners do not have any toxic elements that can make you sick or damage your skin. They also happen to be gentler to the screen and you will avoid any risk of damage.


Computer and TV screens are as good as fragile and therefore proper care should always be taken when handling them. The best screen cleaners that you have seen with us have undergone several tests and have proofed the best when it comes to using them. Ensure that you don't press down the screens as that will also damage them. clean them gently.

This should also be done when the TV or any electronic appliance has cooled down. Never clean anything when it has been plugged in and being used. Get one from what we have for you and get to enjoy its work.

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