Best Lift Pump For Duramax – Expert Reviews And Buyer’s Guide

Best Lift Pump For Duramax

So, are you looking forward to purchasing a lift pump for a Duramax engine? Duramax engines are one of the most responsive engines to an aftermarket lift pump.

The reason is that these engines don't feature a lift pump to help them supply fuel to the engine. In fact, the engines rely on a CP3 or CP4 pump to pull fuel from the tank to the engine. However, since fuel is usually under constant suction, this causes excessive wear of the injection pump and injectors.

To avoid such circumstances, a lift pump should come in handy to help relieve an injector pump such duties. To help you locate a reliable pump for LMLs, below, we have reviewed the top 5 best lift pump for Duramax. Read on as you look forward to buying a pump that will relieve your high-pressure pump unnecessary stress.

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#1. Airdog A6SPBC259 Fuel Lift Pump

Do you want to upgrade your 2001-2010 6.6L Duramax engine? If yes, the Airdog A6SPBC259 Fuel Lift Pump is a must-have. Known for its quality finish and smooth operation, this lift pump can deliver reliable performance for years.

The pump is a 1000GPH (Gallon per Hour) fuel system designed to help you solve the P0087 & P1093 low fuel rail pressure codes. After installing it, you can expect to increase the life of the injection system, reduce exhaust emissions, improve throttle response, among other benefits.

Highlighted Features And Benefits:


Easy To Mount

Designed with the consumer in mind, the AirDog II 4G 100GPH Duramax lift pump is one of the easiest lift pumps to install. The pump requires you to have the primary pump tools and a power drill. The system mounts to the frame rail using a supplied sandwich plate mounting system.

On the other side, the pressure side connects to the factory injection pump while the suction side hooks up to the factory suction fitting. You can expect to receive a step-by-step manual outline and visual guides designed to guide the installation process. Also, there is an all-inclusive kit that contains all necessities required for the installation to guarantee fast and easy installation.


High-efficiency Motor

The pump derives its power from a low-amperage self-aligning motor. The self-aligning design helps to increase the pump's endurance while eliminating the need for frequent maintenance. On the other hand, the low amperage design enhances efficiency by increasing the drivability and reducing the noise level, which makes this one of the quietest fuel systems on the market.


Intermediate Pump Shaft

The AirDog II 4G lift pump utilizes an intermediate pump shaft. The shaft helps to separate the electric motor from the fuel. This helps to eliminate chances of "wet motors," which arise because of a leaking or damaged seal.


Water Separator And Fuel Filter

The pump comes with a water separator and fuel filter. These mount to the pump enabling it to filter your fuel to a 2 micron rating. As a result, you can expect to benefit from increased performance and better fuel economy since this helps to reduce fuel consumption.


  • Easy to install: Quick-connect fittings and fuel lines are easy to install.
  • Durable materials: The lift pump features a top plate and housing made using high-strength 6061 aircraft grade aluminum. Also, it features a black anodized finish designed to resist corrosion and thereby enhance the life of the pump.
  • Two brass fittings: A 1/2" and 5/8" ID hose allows you to run either line size so that you can meet your needs.
  • 3-bolt design: The pump adopts a 3-bolt installation which helps to distribute the force around the O-ring equally and thereby reduce the risk of slippage.
  • Smooth power transmission: The lift pump features a LoveJoy Coupling designed to enhance smooth power transmission.


  • Pump takes some time to install.

#2. Airdog A6SABD426 Fuel Lift Pump

The AirDog II-4G is an improvement to the AirDog II Fuel System technology. It can accomplish everything the AirDog II Fuel System technology performed but using a quieter, more reliable, and more efficient motor. The lift pump helps to overcome the loss of power for diesel engines that operate at higher altitudes.

You can get the lift pump as the answer to a fuel lift pump designed to optimize the engine performance, reduce exhaust emissions, increase the amount of torque, increase the injection pump's life, or improve the throttle response. The reason behind this is that it works by removing various contaminants- including vapor, particulates, moisture, and excess oil not required by the engine. In return, it helps to enhance the engine's performance.

Highlighted Features And Benefits:


Demand Flow Technology

The AirDog II-4G Fuel Lift Pump adopts an on-demand fuel flow technology. This technology allows the fuel to be pumped when required. Because of this, there is less power demand and reduced need for fuel line return, which guarantees better performance and increased fuel economy.


Adjustable Regulator

Adding to the demand flow technology, there is an adjustable regulator. The regulator lets you fine-tune the fuel system. In return, the engine helps to deliver better performance, more power, and increased fuel economy.


Intermediate Pump Shaft

The intermediate pump shaft is another addition of the Airdog A6SABD426. The pump shaft separates the motor from the fuel. The benefit of this is a lower chance of "wet motors" because of a damaged seal.


Self-aligning and Low Amperage Motor

The lift pump derives its power from a self-aligning and low-amperage motor. The low amperage design helps to increase efficiency and enhance endurance. On the other hand, the self-aligning design reduces the need for maintenance while resulting in less noise. This means that the lift pump plays a part in enhancing the engine performance without any inconvenience for you.


  • Easy to mount: The lift pump can mount to the frame. Adding to that, it comes with quick-connect components. In this regard, it is a perfect choice for a lift pump that will get going within minutes of arrival.
  • Compatible with a range of vehicles: The lift pump is designed for Dodge Cummins 5.9L, 6.7L
  • Mounting versatility: The lift pump can mount in different ways due to the compact size.


  • None at the moment

#3. PureFlow AirDog A6SABC409

Another Duramax lift pump from AirDog is the A6SABC409 Air/Fuel Separation System. The fuel pump is designed for 2001-2010 GM 6.6L Duramax Diesel engines. It can deliver the most advanced technology which is designed to remove vapor, water, particulates, and entrained air from diesel fuel. The pump integrates a range of innovative improvements which are designed for increased to enhance the performance of the engine, and below are some of the highlighted features.

Highlighted Features And Benefits:

> Self-aligning low amperage motor

Equipped with a motor that self-aligns, the lift pump helps to increase the systems endurance without the need for much maintenance. In return, you can expect the benefit of longer pump life. Adding to that, the pump features a low amperage design. This design provides significant noise reduction while ensuring longer drivability.

> Intermediate pump shaft

The lift pump includes an intermediate pump shaft. The shaft drives the electric motor away from the fuel. This eliminates the potential of "wet motors," which result because of a damaged or leaking seal.

> Dual Feed Gerotor Pump

Also, there is a Dual Feed Gerotor Pump. This pump provides excellent suctioning performance. In return there increased Torque output of the engine and less power loss from the diesel engine.


1. Small and compact: The lift pump features a compact size to enhance mounting versatility.

2. A flow rate of 165 GPH enables it to support 500HP to 800HP engines.


1. None at the moment

#4. FASS T C10 150G - Titanium Series Fuel Air Separation

Next, we have the FASS T C10 150G Titanium Series 150GPH Fuel Air Separation System. The lift pump is designed for 2001-2010 GM 6.6L Duramax engines. It can provide advanced filtration designed to protect Duramax’s injection systems. Because of this, you can use it to upgrade your engine and extend the life of the injectors and injection pump effectively.

Highlighted Features And Benefits:

> Compact design

Designed as a compact unit with flow rates of up to 260gph, you can rely on the system to offer increased engine performance. The small size allows you to tuck the pump closer to the frame. As such, you can get better clearance and less visibility without sacrificing the features of the best lift pump for Duramax.

> Easy to mount

The FASS (T C10 150G) pump is easy to mount. It doesn’t require any drilling or welding as the traditional mounting styles. The reason is its bolt-on bracket mounts that need minutes to install.

> Performance Radius Cuts

FASS Titanium Series Fuel Pumps incorporate exclusive Performance Radius Cuts. This is an advanced machining technique designed to deliver smooth cuts within the aluminum housing. This design prevents reintroduction of vapor and air back into the fuel. Also, it prevents fuel pockets from forming at the corner of a 90-degree bend. As a result, the fuel pump acts as a perfect choice for reliable engine performance.

> FASS Silencing Technology (FST)

The lift pump adopts a FASS silencing technology. This technology helps to reduce the noise level without reducing the flow rates. This is accomplished using a high-quality military spec coating over the aluminum base, tighter tolerances on all gears, radius cuts, and tighter tolerances on all gears.

> Mass Flow Return (MFR)

To ensure the freshest and cleanest fuel in the diesel tank, FASS (T C10 150G) pump uses a mass flow technology. This technology helps to remove water, vapor, dirt, and air by maintaining a positive pressure in the fuel delivered in the engine and the one that goes back to the tank. The process helps to ensure reliable engine performance extend the life of the injector pump and reduce carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide emissions.


1. Advanced filtration: The pump adopts an advanced filtration helps to remove air, vapor, debris, and water.

2. 30K mile filter life expectancy: The pump integrates a filter that is designed to last long to eliminate high maintenance costs.

3. Built-in water separation filter: The pump includes a filter that helps to remove water contaminants and thereby ensure an improved filtration rating of 3 Microns.


1. The pump doesn’t include a fuel pressure regulator

#5. Airdog A4SPBC089 Fuel Lift Pumps

Last but not least, we have the Airdog A4SPBC089 Fuel Lift Pump. If you are looking for a fuel lift pump for 2011-2014 Chevy & GMC Duramax powered trucks, then you will be good to go with this pump. The pump features a 150GPH fuel flow and supports a 500 to 800HP.

Highlighted Features And Benefits:

> Dual Feed Gerotor Pump

Designed using a Dual Feed Gerotor Pump, you can expect the Airdog A4SPBC089 to deliver excellent suctioning performance. As a result, you can expect the pump to deliver increased engine performance, and better yet, guarantee less power loss from the diesel engine.

> Low amperage motor

Deriving its power from a low amperage motor, the Airdog A4SPBC089 Fuel Lift Pump can deliver increased efficiency and enhance endurance. This design helps it to enhance the performance of the engine and guarantee reliable performance in the long run.

> Fuel Air Separation System

The pump includes an air separation system. In this case, the fuel passes through a water separator designed to remove large contaminants. After that, the fuel goes through the fuel pump where a fuel filter is located. The fuel filter helps to eliminate tiny contaminants, air, and vapor to enhance performance.

> Installation kit

This lift pump comes with an installation kit. The kit includes quick-connect fittings and all mounting hardware. Because of this, you can set up the lift pump easily and with less time.


1. Easy to set up: The pump comes with the required mounting hardware making it easy to set up.

2. Built-in fuel filter: Equipped with a fuel filter, the pump releases fuel free of contaminants and power robbing air/vapor to enhance engine efficiency.


1. The pump is quite loud.

Some Important Terms About Duramax Lift Pump  

Do you need a lift pump for your LML or LGH?

Before going further, I believe that we will do ourselves some good when we understand some of the terms you will come across so that you can easily understand what this is all about.

Commonly used terms:

  • LML: refers to the 2011–2016 version of the Isuzu/GM Duramax 6.6L V8 diesel engine.
  • LGH: Refers to the predecessor engines of the LML model. These engines were equipped in the 2010 interim, 2011 Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra trucks and 2011 Chevrolet Express and GMC Savana vans.
  • Lift Pump: This is a low-pressure pump designed to draw fuel from the fuel tank to a high-pressure pump so that it can get pumped to the engine. (Note that LMLs do not include factory-installed lift pumps.
  • CP3 or CP4 Pump: Since Duramax engines do not include lift pumps, the only way to get fuel from the fuel tank to the engine is via the CP3 or CP4 pump which is a high-pressure fuel pump installed in the engines. The pump is also referred to as an injection pump, and its main task is to ensure constant pressure in the high-pressure fuel rail which feeds the injectors.


You should consider buying one of the best Duramax lift pumps engines as reviewed above. Without a lift pump, you will be required to replace your CP3 frequently, and worse yet, have to withstand reduced reliability and performance of the engine. So, avoid waiting until the CP3 injector pump fails but invest in the reviewed items for better engine performance.

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