Best Eyelid Tape Reviews

Do you have eyelids without creases? Want to beautify your eyelids and make them look broader and bigger? Love double lids? Eyelid tapes are the best invention for you all! Eyelid tapes are a clear tape that you apply on your eyelids and enhance your eyes or make them look more fuller.

You can easily buy an eyelid tape from Amazon or a retail beauty product shop. There are many eyelid products out there, and that is confusing for you to choose the perfect eyelid tape for your eyes. Here is a brief product review on our top 5 eyelid tapes available that you can consult.

Confused which eyelid tape to use? Or want to get natural creases without the eyelid tape? We have it all sorted in this detailed review on eyelid tape.

Top 5 Best Eyelid Tape Reviews

#1. D.U.P 120 piece wonder eyelid tape

This complete package of Wonder eyelid tape has 120 eyelid tapes, enough to last at least a year! This tape is in case you want double eyelids. It is manufactured in Japan and is soft and gentle on your skin. Although the product does claim that the product is makeup friendly, we would recommend a light makeup to go to with the eyelid tape. Since these are double eyelid tape the stick to your skin and gets uncomfortable when used all day long.


  • Applying heavy makeup will only stick to your tape and not on your eye.
  • It has super adhesion, so it easily sticks on your eyelid. 
  • This package has 120 tapes that you can use for longer periods.


  • These are narrow tapes, so if you want a broader, wider tape, then this is not quite suitable for your eyelids.

#2. D-UP Wonder Eyelid Tape

This product by UPD has an easy application. If you want a double eyelid, then this product is your ultimate saviour. Its super-strong adhesive sticks to your eyelid perfectly. You can even wear it all day long on your eyelids because of this invisible eyelid tape. This eyelid tape easily gives your eyes deep and natural creases. However, if you love to apply makeup, then this product is not recommended for you, because it's a double-sided tape the makeup would stick to your tape. 


  • This tape sticks easily to your eye and gives your eyelids a natural crease.
  • Has a strong sweat and water resistance so you can wear it all day long.
  • Considering the tape is sweat and water-resistant, you won't have to keep checking if your eyelid tape is in place or not. A popular double eyelid tapes in Japan.


  • While this is the best option for a double eyelid tape, this tape sticks to your skin as well. So, you might feel a slight restraint on your eyelids.

#3. ZM Beauty’s Double side invisible eyelid tape

This tape is disposable and also used for medical purposes. It instantly lifts your eyelids without surgery so that you can have natural looking creases. With a weight of 0.8 ounces, this tape is invisible, so you easily wear it without feeling the need to cover it up! The adhesive fabric is breathable and waterproof, making the tape stick longer.

These are an easy alternative to painful eye surgeries. You need a little practice, but after using it for a few months, you will have permanent creases without medical assistance. You even get natural, deep creases that you have always wanted to have. The package has slim as well as wide eyelid stickers so you can opt for your preferred eyelid tape and rock your new look efficiently.


  • You can wear them every day as these do not block blood circulation around the eyelids so that you won't have puffy eyes.
  • The hypo-allergic tape won't irritate your skin even after using it for longer periods.
  • The tape enhances your eyes, making them look wider and brighter. 
  • The tape instantly lifts your eye-makeup, giving you a pair of charming and beautiful without making any extra efforts.
  • This tape is perfect for people with droopy, hooded, uneven for even for mono-lids.


  • If you don’t want your eyes to look wider, this isn’t what you need.

#4. ZM Beauty's six-pack single/double eyelid tape

This product has a pack of six different eyelid tapes with three single-sided tapes and three double side tape so you can use and create different width of your eyelids. The variety of eyelid tapes gives you plenty of options to choose from and conveniently sport your preferred eyelid crease. Made by using a medical-use fibre, this tape has good adhesion and stays all day long. You won’t even feel the irritation that comes along with the tapes because of its hypo-allergic fabric. Want to achieve the crease as perfect as an eye surgery? Get your hands on these tapes for the same look as eye surgery.


  • The tape instantly lifts your eyelids, giving you natural-looking creases.
  • Continuous use will make your double eyelids permanent without eye surgery. 
  • The single side eyelids tape does not off fall easily, and you can sport them easily without feeling irritated.
  • If you love wearing makeup then you can wear these single-sided tapes, and you can choose among the tapes for the perfect creases.
  • If you have hidden double eyelid, droopy or uneven eyelids, go for slim single side eyelid strips.


  • If you have heavy hooded, droopy or uneven eyelids, go for wide size strips.

#5. ZM Beauty’s eyelid tapes

If you want to lift your hooded eyes instantly, then these eyelid tapes are your perfect saviour. If you want to lift saggy and droopy eyelids, then this invisible tape will instantly lift your eyes and make them look wider and brighter. This correct excess skin covering the natural fold of your eyelids. It has an easy application, and since it is invisible and single-sided too, you can easily apply makeup.

You won't even need extra adhesion to stick the tape to your eyelids because this tape has super strong self-adhesion that instantly sticks to your skin and makes you look younger instantaneously.

Wouldn't you love a tape that is waterproof at the same time that lasts longer on your skin? Well, you get all that in this tape! You can fabricate six different styles of eyelid creases with the various packages available in this tape.


  • This breathable eyelid tape is perfect for all skin tones since it is invisible.
  • It takes the colour of your skin! 
  • Has a y-shaped tool and tweezers to help you place the tape easily on your eyelid!


  • No cons

Some Tips When wearing Best eyelid tape

While the Asian market is an epicentre for eyelid tapes, these tapes come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Choosing an eyelid tape according to your personal preference is a difficult task. You might as well want to watch a few YouTube videos for learning how to wear the eyelid tape correctly or go to your local salon and take professional help. Wearing an eyelid tape is an art, and after the first workout you will have to undergo, you will master this art in no time.

There are a plethora of YouTube videos out there and articles on the correct way to wear an eyelid tape. There is various method to wear eyelid tape, and you can always experiment with the techniques and choose the method that you find comfortable. Some of the simple tips to wear eyelid tape are:


Use an eyelid prong

Since eyelid tapes are small and you might as well lose them before they find themselves stuck on your eyelid, an eyelid prong seems to be convenient to place the tape correctly. This way, you will have a perfect eyelid crease and not a piece of tape sticking to your finger. The prong also keeps the adhesion intact, so the tape holds right at its designated place. Make sure you use the eyelid prong gently on your skin.


Remove the eyelid tape after a single-use

While you can wear the eyelid tape all day long, make sure you remove them once you are home. You can use a makeup remover or water to peel the tape off gently. Do not scratch or peel your tape; instead, coax it to come off smoothly. Peeling the tape off without any lubricant will weaken your skin, and the skin around your eye will become loose. 


Choose a tape according to your skin colour

Eyelid tapes come in various colours and shapes. While there are invisible tapes available in the market, you can always opt for a similar tone to your skin. This way, you can easily camouflage the tape so that no one notices it.


Remove the tape if irritating

If you feel uncomfortable while wearing an eyelid tape, then remove it off instantly. Prolonged irritation while cause eye irritation, and you will experience extreme discomfort.

Features to look for while buying an eyelid tape

Eyelid tape comes in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours. Finding a perfect eyelid tape can be a bit confusing. We are here to help you fix the problem for you.

Here are the key features to look for while buying an eyelid tape

The main factors to consider while choosing an eyelid tape are Type, Color, Shape and Texture.



You will find two kinds of tape available in the market- single-sided and double side tape. Single-sided tapes have adhesion only on one side of the tape while double side tape has adhesion on both sides of the tape. If you love wearing heavy eye makeup then the single-sided tape is the better of the two, whereas, with double-sided tape, you can go light eye makeup.



The colour of the eyelid is an essential factor. You wouldn't want people to stare at your eye now, will you? You can opt for an eyelid tape that matches your skin colour or go for invisible ones. An eyelid tape that matches your skin tone will camouflage with your skin, whereas invisible tape will go with any skin tone.



If you have droopy, mono-lid or hooded, then you will need an eyelid tape. Mono-lid eyes or the "Asian" eyes do not have a crease on them, while old people have droopy and hooded eyes because of their age. Hooded eyes have a more massive mid-portion, while droopy eyes have saggy eyelids. You need to adjust the thickness and length of the eyelid tape according to your shape of the eye.



The texture of the tape plays a significant role if you like to wear cosmetics. Choosing an eyelid tape that suits your cosmetics and gives the same natural look can be a little harsh. A little experimenting and you can find your perfect match. If cosmetics are not your thing, then go ahead and chose the desired eyelid tape according to your shape and colour.


While there are numerous best eyelid tapes available in the market, you have to make a little extra effort to find your perfect match. Our personal favourite is the ZM Beauty's eyelid tape; it is invisible, has different colours and instantly lifts your eyes.

The package has two single-sided and three double-sided tapes, and you can wear the eyelid tape in six different styles. You also get a Y-shaped tool and a pair of tweezers that helps you apply the tape with ease and precision. You won't even need extra adhesion to stick the tape as the tape has enough glue to stick to your skin. Also, this tape is invisible, so even if you wear the eyelid tape, no one can notice the tape!

Eyelids are a blessing for eyes without creases, but you find wearing eyelid tape irritating, then you can ditch the tapes and rock your natural eyes. But if you want to experiment and enhance the look of your eyes, eyelid tapes are at your rescue.

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