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Double sided tape can be a really useful product to have in case things within the house or garden need to be firmly stuck into place. Such tape will keep things attached, yet these will not be damaged should people want to, or need to separate them again. Double sided tape is designed for materials like carpets, so these can be stuck down, yet easily moved without either damaging the carpet or the floor. Ideally a high quality double sided tape will stick two surfaces together tightly yet undo without causing any damage if or when things need to be moved or rearranged.

However there are a wide range of best double sided tapes that people are able to buy. These tapes have different sizes and attributes meaning that they all serve different purposes. Some tapes are fantastic at sticking some things together yet next to useless for sticking everything else together.

Therefore 8 different types of double sided tape have been reviewed, with the good points and the bad points about each one listed. After providing greater details about these tapes there are conclusions about, which tapes are best for carrying out, which tasks,

Best choice


EZlifego Double Sided Tape Heavy Duty (9.85FT)
  • Features: Strong and durable, Highly transparent, Waterproof and moisture proof, Repeated use.
  • Material: Acrylic Gel
  • Uses: home, car, office, advertising, electronics, work production.

best Double Sided Tape Reviews

1. EZlifego Double Sided Tape Heavy Duty (9.85FT)

Made from the latest acrylic-gel material, our transparent adhesive tape is incredibly strong, durable, removable, traceless, and leaves no residue. This super adhesive tape works perfectly in temperatures range from -16C(0F) to 62C(150F).

2. Gorilla Tough & Clear Double Sided Mounting Tape

This Tape is a clear double sided tape that mounts in an instant, for a long-lasting, weatherproof bond. The crystal clear adhesive tape won’t yellow over time, and holds up to 15 pounds! This Tape is perfect for indoor and outdoor projects and sticks to smooth and rough surfaces. Completing DIY projects is easy with this tough, double sided tape. Mount, build, and repair for a perfect finish, every time.

3. Scotch Double Sided Tape, 1/2 in x 500 in, 6 Dispensered Rolls

For the light-duty attaching you do for activities around the house, get it done fast and get it done right-without the drips, clogs and air bubbles of glue. Scotch Double-Sided Tape-the neat, clean, strong and long-lasting way to take care of school projects, scrapbooks, photo albums-all those important presentations that need to come together. Scotch Double-Sided Tape is easy to use and won't create a mess like the way glue does.

4. Double Sided Tape for Walls - Heavy Duty Removable Mounting Tape

2021 Upgraded Double Sided Tape with an strong grip. Adhesive, washable & reusable. Sturdy, durable & easy to remove. Doesn't damage surfaces or leave residue when removed. It can be stretched, bent, cut to any size & length.

5. 3M Double Coated Urethane Foam Tape 4032, 1" x 5 yards

3M 4032 Natural Polyurethane Double Coated Foam Tape is all you need for ensuring a permanent bonding between substrates with different surface types. Creating and maintaining a strong adhesion between glass, metals, and plastics that have high surface energy (ABS and polycarbonate), the mounting tape is ideal for both interior and exterior bonding applications.

6. Amazon Basics Double Sided Tape with Dispenser, 1/2" x 7 yds

Adhesive on both front and back provides reliable, inconspicuous bonding. Great alternative to messy glue; photo safe; ideal for home use, school presentations, art projects, and more. Narrow width for precise results; measures 1/2 inches wide by 252 inches long

7. Double Sided Tape 2 Pack Heavy Duty

Strong viscosity, Environmental protection, one roll 3/4" 10' acrylic clear heavy duty double sided tape, long lasting coated with permanent adhesive, according to experience, please weigh 0.5 pounds per 1 square inch double sided tape. Note: Due to strong adhesion, please tear gently and carefully when tearing off the of double sided tape to protect the surface.

8. Scotch Double Sided Tape with Dispenser, Narrow Width

Office tape is coated with permanent adhesive on both sides and no liner to deal with. Long-aging tape won't dry out or yellow. Double-sided design offers a no-mess alternative to gluing for light-duty attaching and mounting tasks. Photo-safe tape comes on a handheld dispenser for quick and portable use.

9. Gorilla Heavy Duty Double Sided Mounting Tape, 1" x 60", Black

Gorilla Heavy Duty Mounting Tape is the new alternative to nails or screws which makes it the perfect solution for your next project. The conformable double sided tape immediately sticks to smooth and rough surfaces, alike, for an instant, long-lasting, weatherproof bond that it is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. The industrial strength double sided tape delivers a heavy duty bond that holds up to 30 pounds. Mount, build and repair for a quick and easy finished project, every time.

10. Double Sided Tape, Easy Peel Heavy Duty Mounting Weatherproof Foam Tape

Strong double sided mounting tape. Strength: 90 pounds per inch (longitudinal). advanced solvent free manufacturing technology. The flexible adhesive tape is designed to resist curling, making your installation process fast and easy, simply peel, very flexible. This foam tape is easy to install, tear off the tape and stick it to the surface of the object. it bonds quickly and securely when it’s fully compressed.

best Double Sided Tape Reviews

1. XFasten Double Sided Carpet Tape

Feature 1: The XFasten is a double sided carpet tape, which is simple to fit as well as to peel off by hand. Besides been simple to apply this tape is just as easy to remove.

Feature 2: This double sided tape improves safety in apartments and homes as it securely attaches rugs to carpets, or carpets to floors. This tape is so sticky that carpets and rugs will not move or slip. It improves safety and reduces the risk of calls markedly.

Feature 3: The tape is made to be residue free. When that tape is no longer needed it easily peels off rugs, carpets and floors without leaving any marks or residue on hardwood floors.

  • It is a strong and heavy duty tape that will not slip or move out of place
  • Safer for the elderly and young children, those most at risk of falling over loose flooring
  • The tape does not make a mess when it is removed
  • You may need more tape than you anticipated using
  • Difficult to reposition if adding more tape to make the grip more secure so may have to lift it up and start all over again

2. Scotch Extreme Mounting Tape

Feature 1: All weather tape so ideal for being used outside to tape things together even in the rain, sleet, hail and snow. It can stand up to extremes of cold and heat as well.

Feature 2: You are able to bound multiple surface types with this tape. Metals, wood, and even bricks or concrete can be stuck with this strong tape.

Feature 3: Exceptionally strong tape, indeed every 2 inches of the tape can take a pound in weight.


1. The tape stays in place even in extreme heat or in extreme cold, make it great for outdoor use

2. It can be repealed without damaging surfaces or leaving marks

3. Really strong tape when applied correctly


1. The tape may not stay in place of it is stuck to a smooth surface

2. The tape does not always hold anything heavier than 10 lbs

3. kraftex double sided carpet tape

Feature 1: This tape is water resistant so can be used indoors and outdoors, and it will help to keep bath mats in place too.

Feature 2: This heavy duty tape can be used to fasten rugs, mats, and runners. The tape also sticks to hardwood floors and laminate tiles.

Feature 3: The Kraftex tape is so strong it acts as much like a carpet gripper as it does a double sided tape.


1. Sticks to multiple surfaces inside and outside no matter what the weather does

2. This is the double sided carpet tape that professional carpet fitters use

3. Super strong tape that will not slip or move at all


1. It binds so tight a solvent based adhesive spray is needed to remove it from hardwood flooring

2. May rip up laminate flooring if taking up the carpet without using an adhesive spray

4. XFasten Double Sided Tape

Feature 1: This XFasten tape sticks to most surface types equally well. That makes it the ideal double sided tape for wood working and metal working.

Feature 2: The tape is well suited for protecting surfaces from pet scratches. Other tasks this tape is good for includes sealing things and repairing lighte.

Feature 3: No sticky residue is left behind when this tape is removed despite it being really strong.


1. It is a weather resistant tape so it can be used outside as well as inside

2. Works best if the tape is applied to the required surface and then cut with scissors or a Stanley knife

3. Also available in a 3 pack roll making it even better value for money


1. Though it does not leave residue on surfaces it does leave some on scissors or knife blades

2. A really sharp pair of scissors or a Stanley knife is needed to cut this tape, normal scissors are simply not sharp enough

5. 3M Scotch 5952 VHB Double Sided Tape

Feature 1: The Scotch 3M tape will stick 320 ounces per each inch, meaning it easily sticks to a stainless steel panel.

Feature 2: This tape is really adhesive even though it is only 50 mm thick. The tape liner is a mere 5 mm thick with the other 45 mm being made up of the carrier and the adhesive.

Feature 3: The tape allows for a dynamic overlap, and it can cope with a pressure of 80 lbs per a square inch.This tape is useful if having to fasten panels together, or dashboard cams.


1. It sticks within seconds and stays that way in any weather conditions

2. Particularly good at joining panels to other surfaces

3. Useful to stick things to the interior of cars like speakers and dashboard came

4. Should bond most surfaces, allow up to 72 hours for it to stick in place


1. Do not remove the backing tape unless it is in precisely the right spot as it is very hard to move

2. Unable to stick foam in place

6. 2 inch Ultra-Thin Permanent Double Sided Tape

Feature 1: Possibly the best double sided tape for people that need tape for arts, crafts, scrapbooking, or photography activities. This tape can be used for countless paper based artistic or craft orietated activities.

Feature 2: This is a tear by hand tape so there no need for knives or scissors to cut it. That makes an easy to use double sided tape.

Feature 3: It is an ideal tape to be used for arts and crafts as it is ultra-thin and transparent. It holds things in place without been seen so it will not distract people from looking at the completed piece of art.


1. This tape is versatile and has plenty of different uses in arts and crafts

2. There is plenty of tape on each roll, just think of how much art it can be used for

3. A lot neater and less messy than using craft glue, teaching young children art may not be so messy now


1. The backing of this tape is not always easy to remove

2. It is not worth cutting wiith scissors because the scissors will then need to be cleaned

3. Young childen will have to find other ways to make a mess when doing arts and crafts

7. Scotch Permanent Double Sided Outdoor Mounting Tape

Feature 1: This tape is the ideal double sided mounting tape for attaching light items outside. It is designed to be able to stick items upto 5lbs onto walls etc.

Feature 2: It does not matter what kind of surface this double sided tape to, as it will stick to surfaces such as brick, concrete, or stucco. This tape is meant to stay in place over the long haul.

Feature 3: As this tape is intended for outdoor use it is weather resistant, it should survive Californian summers or Alaskan winters. It stands upto rain and snow, or strong winds.


1. This tape will stick onto bumpy and uneven surfaces such as brick and concrete without moving all the objects falling down

2. The tape still sticks and remains in place despite summer heatwaves and hard winter frosts


1. You will have to clan uneven surfaces before using this tape, it might or might not work after yu have done so

2. When this tape is attached to bricks remove very slowly as it will remove amount of the bricks as well

#8. Hitlights Heavy Duty Mounting Tape

Feature 1: Heavy duty foam double sided tape, which is a simple peel off tape without the need for glues, screws or nails.

Feature 2: This is a waterproof tape so it can be used on most interior and exterior surfaces Use the Hitlights tape and the stuck surfaces will not move, no matter what the weather conditions.

Feature 3: The perfect double sided tape for LED lights, including the 2835, 3528, and 5050 strips. Will keep the light strips in place without a hitch.


1. Hitlights is a very flexible and long double sided tape, the right tape for LED lights

2. It is a clear tape so able to see when sticking things with it

3. The best tape for sticking LED light strips


1. It can be really difficult to take the back off this tape

2. The tape may not be able to take the weight of anything heavier than LED light strips


All of the 8 different types of double sided tapes reviewed had advantages and disadvantages depending on what they are used to tape together. Double sided tapes need to be used in certain ways to work effectively and people should always read instructions or guidance if they have never used a specific tape before. Somet tape is meant to be used for many different functions whilst other tape is only went to serve specific purposes and will useless for taping anything else.

Product 2 was selected as the best overall tape, as it is great for sticking general items inside and outside no matter what the weather conditions are. This tape will stick to multiple surfaces and is weatherproof being able to extreme heat and cold too. It does a really good job in most instances especially when sticking items below 10 lbs. If you only have one tape make it this one.

Here is a summary of the best tasks of the 7 runners up of the reviewed tapes should perform: sometimes the tape will only work if the surfaces have been cleaned. Some surfaces may even have to painted with a primer first.

Product 1 good around tape for sticking carpets and rugs to floors

Product 3 best tape for sticking carpets, as strong as any carpet gripper

Product 4 is the best tape for metal and wood working

Product 5 just the best tape for sticking panels or anything with an overlap

Product 6 is the best tape for arts and crafts

Product 7 best tape for sticking light objects on to things outside

Product 8 is the best double sided tape for fixing LED light strips

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