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Suzie Poo is a tool expert from the U.S. She is a Mechanical Engineer and uses tools almost every day at home and at work. She enjoys helping people to master everything about a wide range of tools through blogging. She is for sure a BESTIEE!

How To Clean Condensate Pump

Could you be here looking for the best ways to clean a condensate pump? If that sounds yes, then you are in the right destination. There is no doubt that a condensate pump is a crucial part of your air conditioner. Without it, you could be having a lot of stagnant water in your system, […]

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  • Updated March 1, 2020

Best Double Sided Tape – Expert Reviews And Guide

Double sided tape can be a really useful product to have in case things within the house or garden need to be firmly stuck into place. Such tape will keep things attached, yet these will not be damaged should people want to, or need to separate them again. Double sided tape is designed for materials […]

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  • Updated March 6, 2020

How to Use Eyelid Tape and Where to Buy It

Every modern woman desires to be as attractive as she can ever be. And that’s why, everyday, beauty companies spend tons on time and money creating products that appeal and cater to the never ending needs of the feminine gender.Eyelid tapes are popular items in the beauty world that make your eyes seem wider or […]

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  • Updated January 20, 2020

Best Electronic Contact Cleaner – Best Buyer’s Guide And Reviews

It is an electric contact, high purity cleaner capable of removing environmental contaminants and protecting connections from frictional wear and corrosion. Contact cleaners are capable of restoring electrical continuity to all electrical and electronic contacts by removing and penetrating insulating grease and oil, insulative oxides and conductive carbon soil from contact services. By restoration of […]

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  • Updated February 12, 2020

How To Install Sewage Ejector Pump In Basement

The plumbing system in your home is for the most part designed to use gravity in ensuring there’s a proper removal of waste. This works, but just in case your home has a finished basement, then you’ll have to install an ejector pump to help you move the waste up through the disposal pipes into […]

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  • Updated February 9, 2020

What Is Contact Cleaner And How To Use It

It is not easy to clean conductive surfaces, especially if you don’t know how or if you are not sure of the cleaning materials to use. Therefore, you can either DIY or hire a professional to do it for you. In most cases, DIY is highly recommended because you can save a considerable amount of […]

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  • Updated December 9, 2019

How To Use Double Sided Tape

This is a tape made by coating both sides of the tape using a sticking substance or an adhesive substance that tends to pressure sensitive. This tape can be either thin or thick depending on the material used to make it and the purpose indented to be used in.For the purposes of bonding rough or […]

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  • Updated November 6, 2019